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I was with another company before taken the bait for a lower rate to switch to Amica for home service. They don't pay your claim if you're a new customer, their customer service is poor, and they run Ponzi scheme that is licensed by the certain state department, they take your money and don't pay your claim. They have lawyers in Association and individual insurance state board that they pay and would drop your cased before they even... Read more

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I was hit by an Amica insured driver.She was ticketed and they refuse to assume all liability. They have dragged my case out for more than two years. Now they wont even give me enough to get a car so that I can go to school and got to work so they that I can achieve my American dream. If I don't work I can't buy my school books& other school expenses. I was never trying to get rich just felt they should replace my vehicle that their ticketed... Read more

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STAY AWAY.... Had my bill set up to be payed auto-pay by credit card. After many years of paying this way, one month there was a credit car issue. My premium did not go thru on my credit card. INSTEAD of calling me... THEY SIMPLY CANCELLED MY POLICY. I called and tried to remedy, they told me I must open new policy and that my premium was going up by $350 because I now had 1-late "auto-pay" payment with them. I told them to kindly go F-#$... Read more

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We were insured with Amica for over 30 years. In fact had two homes, two cars insured with them. We recently built a house in Hull MA, when we called them to insure this house we were told they do not insure homes in Hull? Our condo was in Hull and they insured that. We are not in a flood zone, we are high on a hill. When we started to ask around about other insurance companies we found that some do not insure Hull, however, since they... Read more

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I was hit by an Amica insured in a parking lot on 8/16/15. The claim rep M.Sankey will not respond to emails or phone calls. I have been trying to get a claim update and my vehicle repaired for 30+ days. Their insured told the police that he didn't see me so I don't understand why they won't just pay up. The Amica claims adjuster that came to look at my vehicle told me that I should be more careful??? Their insured hit me!! and attempted to give... Read more

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I was backed into by an Amica insured out of Tampa Florida, on 12-27-2014', in the Publix Parking lot around 3:30 p.m., by older man, we were both in adjacent Handicapped spaces at the entrance of Publix Grocery. My wife and I had completely backed out of the space, at the stop sign, when the other driver backed his Black Chevy Impala 4 door into the driver side rear quarter panel without applying the brakes, then pulled back into his space,... Read more

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I’ve been being ran around in circles my mother is 90 years old and the bathroom is a necessity for here amica home insurance has been very unprofessional the way there handling the issue they sent out 3 adjusters and I’ve been through 2 supervisors and the problem is not resolved yet 3 months and nothing done yet I have a 1000 dollar deductible and there is 4 to 5000 dollars worth of damage they sent me a 500.00 check and been running me around... Read more

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i recently got a policy renters insurance had to have if i wanted to move into the apartment complex when i did i told of specific items and reason i had them i did not have receipts for all but asked would pics help was told no they could be pics from anywhere but the sales agent assured me of her notation and over and over was covered up to 10,000 ok 6 months go by and very long story short had break in they did not want to take ANY... Read more

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I read a review today about the way Amica treats its employees and I agree whole heartedly. I left there 10 years ago and it still haunts me. The company makes up complaints, humiliates its employees and forces those out whom they don't care for. Then they make you sign something that says you will never work for them again. The folks in HR are animals. They said I didn't get along with one of my co-workers, which was absolutely not true. She... Read more

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I have been with amica auto for 10 years. I thought they were top rated. I did't know how much of a horrendous company until I was involved in an accident in October. I was injured, unable to work all dur to no fault of my own. From poor customer service to not paying claim payouts this has truly made me question the ethics of this company. I have been out of work with disability since October and have not received any wage loss payouts. ... Read more

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