I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as a civil law suit against your Concord NH office due to their processes and inability to handle a claim appropriately and their acts of bad faith refusing to and avoiding to pay a claim as they should. On 1/20 a client of Amica's had caused an accident by pulling out into a main line of traffic and failing to yield to ROW.

On scene the client profusely apologized and stated that did not see me and I must have been in her blind spot. Not to worry her insurance would take care of everything. She was then advised by her insurance to not take complete fault. There has been two witness statements, a citation by the officer and a full police report showing that Amica's client has violated NH State driving statutes and has also been informed by NH State Insurance department that they stand completely behind my claim in that their client is 100% at fault.

Amica's adjuster is refusing to take complete liability with not solid ground or facts to support their refusal to take 100% liability.

They are acting out of bad faith and taking advantage of the fact that I was uninsured at the time and causing great deals of stress and strain. It has been made clear to them by the responding police officer, myself, the witness's, and NH State Insurance Dept that their client failed to follow NH State Statues and they are still refusing to uphold their duties.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amica Insurance Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6200.

Location: 5 Chenell Dr, Concord, NH 03301, USA

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Let see if I have this right. You had no insurance and had it been your fault, could not have afforded to pay any kind of substantial claim, yet you believe you deserve to be compensated from someone who was responsible and carried insurance. HMMM.


Why don't you have to pay for insurance?


You were uninsured. You could have killed somebody out there.

You deserve nothing. GOTTA PAY TO PLAY!!

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