These big insurance co. don't give people second chances they go around to see if people break they rules why they themsevles break the rules .. they don't care about you if you not paying them so be it they cost me my job and i haven't been in the buss to fight it The don't care if your unemployed you should'nt be givin chances.the stuff shirts at amica do not know what its like out there because they are working .i think this gov shoul inveatagate the insurance co for coruption i think you find they are breaking the rules

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Also, Amica gives you 45 days before a policy is cancelled. Try going that long with any other insurer! They are more than fair with their practices.


Dey took ur juuubs!


Your losing your job wouldn't have anything to do with your lack of education would it? You have very poor spelling and grammer skills.

Do you work for free?

No???? Then why should AMICA?

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