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After a hit and run the insurance never checked to see if the police had captured the responsible party, they estimated the value of the car as $4,377 deducted previous damages to the vehicle for 855 dollars which they deducted twice plus other deductions made by them they estimated that I would only get $1672 if I kept the salvage vehicle and $1979 if I didn't a 4 dollar difference. I wonder how many times they get away with deducting the same item twice and not paying for what the car is actual worth. I will be looking for a new insurance very soon.

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I just had the same problem with Allstate & Motorist Insurance. They use this piece of *** Auto Source program that does not have a clue about car prices.

I just lost appox 3k on a deal that was the fault of the other driver.

Insurance is a scam all the way around. They all are the best until it comes time to settle.

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